YoPayment integration started

Dear members,
We would like to inform you that we have now partnered with YoPayment and therefore, the integration started today. If all goes well, we hope to get this done in  a minimum of  week and a maximum of 1 month.

You will be notified when the integration process is accomplished. Please keep visiting this blog for latest updates on the same issue



Kashyard Team

Software upgrade to version 5.2

Dear Members,

We are happy to inform you that our system software has been upgraded to version 5.2. Kashyard.com platform is getting stronger and more powerful while keeping it user friendly.

We have hard several complaints from Users that their accounts balance was reset, incase you have such a complaint, please contact us with proof that you had  those coins you are claiming. We will review your issue and also be able to find a solution to the problem


Otherwise the system is still undergoing serious upgrades as we struggle to make it better and stronger.


But thank you for being part of Kashyard Community where members make money every minute.


Thank you

Kashyard Team

Referrer a friend and get free coins

ARE YOU ALREADY A MEMBER OF KASHYARD AND WOULD LIKE to MAKE More MONEY WITHOUT PLAYING? With Kashyard.com referral system, you get paid every time your referred users play and win. The more people you refer to join Kashyard.com , the more money you make every minute of every hour of every day.

How to referrer new users,
1. Invite your family and friends to join kashyard.com. Then On the sign up form, let them enter your username as their referrer (e.g.isaac ).If isaac is your username, then every time your referrals win, you get coins automatically to your account.


Kashyard Team


Beyonic Payment gateway removed from our system

Dear members,

We write to inform you that Beyonic payment gateway has been removed from our system. We will be adding another payment gateway to continue supporting our users from Uganda.  Therefore, once the integration of another gateway is completed, you will be notified here on our blog

We are really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you. But  of course we are always looking for better systems and therefore, expect to get the best regarding our new integration


Thank you
Kashyard Team

Old Update History of Kashyard platform

Version 2 – July 07, 2017

- Bitcoin Payment Gateway Added.
- Master Card Payment Gateway Added.
- Templates Modified.
- A to Z Dynamic Content Update Facility.
- More Secure Payment System.

Version 2 – December 03, 2016

- Perfect Money Gateway Added.
- Updated Session & Payment Security.

Version 1 – February 10th, 2016

- Affected File's Removed.
- New Secure File's Added.
- Updated Session & Payment Security.

Version 1 – December 30th, 2015

- Security System Recheck & Updated.
- Backend JS Updated.
- Draw System Included.

Version 1 – November 30th, 2015

- Frontend Login Security Session System Added.
- Backend Session System Added.
- Withdraw & Deposite Amount: Any.
- Profile Picture Upload System Updated.
- Extension System Applied On Photo Upload Section.
- Manualy Deposite Section Updated.
- Admin Panel Updated: Deposite, Withdraw & Deposite Request Section.

7Trade game is another big achievement

Another long waited for Game is now active on our platform. The 7Trade game is also a big achievement. It has taken us over 11 months to finish the development but finally its here. As a user of our platform, you can now play the 7trade game. With this game, every hour matters.

How it works
1. Login to your kashyard.com account
2. Choose 7trade game
3. When on the 7trade game page, click on any Ball
4. Lastly, Click “BID NOW” Button and then wait
for the game time to end.

Please Note
1. The 7trade game requires 10coins on your account for you to participate
2. After the game time has ended, system automatically select winners and double their coins of which they can request to withdraw



Papal payment gateway integrated into Kashyard.com Platform


The long waited for paypal payment gateway is now integrated into kashyard.com platform. Now you can easily request for your earned money through paypal.

How to request for withdraw of your balance through paypal

When logged to your kashyard.com account, click on finance button on the left side and again click on Withdraw balance button under finance menu. The page will open as seen in the screen shot and then enter the number of coins to withdraw of which we will convert into real money when.
2. Select country, for the country selection, choose other in the drop down menu
3. In the withdraw via, select paypal
4.In the withdraw To: enter your paypal email account and then click SUBMIT button. Your earned money will be sent to your paypal within 24hrs to 48hrs.

And that is it.